Biometric Attendance Software

Invigilation and proctoring is an essential part of delivering education. In order to move another step ahead in enhancing the overall service delivery and compliance, we have introduced a biometric attendance and writing a formal lab report verification system. The biometric solution is an integral part of this overall service delivery and compliance

ThinkSkills through its Biometric Technology Solutions aims to capture real time, bio metric geo tagged time stamped attendance. The company also provides custom integration and biometric related services for all types of identity english proposal essay topics management applications such as fingerprint, iris, face & smart card based scanners and access control systems.

  • The purpose is ensuring regular attendance and security thereby bringing efficiency to the workplace/training centres by keeping better tabs on the employees/ students .
  • Target Group
    • Students undergoing various skills development programs
    • Corporate
    • Government

The primary aim of ThinkSkills is freeing up teachersonline dating slovenia to do training and better school outcomes through its biometric technology solutions


  • The biometric device is used to capture fingerprint and photograph of the candidate along with a snapshot of his/her photo ID.
  • During further rounds of selection, the shortlisted candidates can again be verified by taking live fingerprint of the candidate and matching it with the one captured during the test.
  • This ensures whether the candidate attending the interview and the candidate who appeared for examination are the same person or not. Hence it removes all chances of identity impersonation by candidates and ensures maintenance of 100% integrity in the recruitment process, thereby ensuring the selection of the ‘right’ recruit by companies.

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