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In the digital race of web development, our high style biZZare designing keeps us at the front line. The unique feature of our service is that we take care of both the sides - our customers and your customers.


With more than 3 billion people surfing web on mobile all across the globe, mobile is no longer just a screen, it is the window to your high level marketing strategy.


The volume of information filling your servers has reached unprecedented levels. With keen insights, big data analytics can pull treasure out of data piles.


Our creative team develops eye pleasing interfaces with your brand integrated into the very essence of it’s core.


The team of BiZZare Creations is ardent about their client service throughout and after the completion of project.


The most flexible enterprise-class eCommerce platform to power your business used by e-commerce giants


Salesforce will transform your ability to engage customers and deliver ongoing innovation at the pace of your business.

Mobile App Development

Know Your School is a school feedback mobile app which runs on Android,one of the most used mobile platform. The app is still in it’s development phase. The app is built on Google’s new material design & polymer structure. Hence staying ahead in this digital race of technology. We exploit the power of data analytics to help you understand school performance.

Now you can see an unbiased review about the school

Our team will built the right set of questions for the survey and our analytics tool provide you with the insights which helps educators sort through that tangled mess and start driving more value for teachers, rather than making them pore through endless sheets of numbers.

Our Major aspects are

  • Cognitive Assesment
  • Benchmark Analysis
  • Predictive Analysis

What our clients say about us

  • "They have an eye for detail and have superlative skill to grasp the customers need very accurately and minutely. Their sense of Design is good and are able to deliver beyond our expectations every-time we have entrusted them with some responsibility. Would wish them loads of success in his coming years"

    Ashish Angelz Solutions | DIrector
  • "They are not only a careful and customer focused developers but also an inspiring expert. Dedicated, well educated and goal oriented leader, their knowledge is vast and thorough. Thanks to interpersonal skills they have great relations with both company clients and potential customers. Knows how to work from a distance."

    Nipun JainVardhman Industries | CTO

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